The Billy’s Lake Project

The Billy’s Lake Project is a local community initiative to improve, promote and maintain the formerly neglected body of water and surrounding woodland area known as ‘Billy’s Lake’, so that it can be more readily accessed and enjoyed by all as a public ‘green space’ and also as a haven for wildlife.
The project is sponsored by the Acorn Community Centre in Wecock Farm, which (subject to charitable funding) employs one full-time Community Conservation Officer to lead and manage the project. The project is otherwise staffed entirely by volunteers from the local community.

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Also known locally as ‘Soake Sandpits’, Billy’s Lake is a secluded lake and woodland area of approximately 10 acres located in the ‘Denmead Gap’ between Denmead and Waterlooville. For more details and directions, see the ‘How to find Billy’s Lake’ page.

Please Note: The lake is actually divided in two by a causeway that runs roughly east-west along its length. The 2 acre fishing lake and surrounding woodland to the north of the causeway is known as ‘Soake Pond’. This part is private and is currently owned and managed by Portsmouth and District Angling Society. The 1 acre fishing lake and surrounding woodland to the south of the causeway is open to the public, and is known as ‘Billy’s Lake’. The scope of the Billy’s Lake Project extends only to these public areas.

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If you are interested in helping out, or you would like more information on Billy’s Lake, please contact the conservation officer, Lillian Wakely tel. 02392-258423.
For the Off the Hook fishing club, please contact Roger Pulley


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