Volunteering day with Positive Pathways and Pfizer

On the 25th April we welcomed two groups of volunteers from Positive Pathways and Pfizer, made possible by Community First in Havant.

We split up into three teams and made great progress on sapling removal, brash clearance (the bonfire was the biggest I’ve seen so far!), and last but not least we built a new fence in the car park on the entrance to Borrow’s Field.

This fence will help deter motorcycles and horses from entering the field and Billy’s Lake, along with the motorcycle inhibitor gate that is due to be fitted in addition to this.

It was a typical British Spring day – beautiful sunshine followed by a cold downpour – and a hasty shelter was erected for us to huddle in!

Thanks to our project volunteers for taking the lead and ensuring the day was successful, worthwhile and fun.


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