Outdoor Activites at Billy’s Lake

Public green spaces like Billy’s Lake allow people to reconnect with nature.  Looking for a breath of fresh air?  Bring the family and spend a little ‘outdoor quality time’ together!  With a little imagination, there’s plenty to do, and if you’re really keen, why not join our team of Volunteers?

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Looking for inspiration? Check out the following websites for nature-based activities. And keep an eye on the Acorn Centre Calendar page for details of upcoming family-friendly events and activities at Billy’s Lake (hint: use the green ‘Categories’ button at the top to filter the list for Billy’s Lake).

  • The Woodland Trust

    Billy’s Lake isn’t a Woodland Trust location, but their website nevertheless has lots of ideas for outdoor activities, whether you’re solo exploring or having a day out with the family. For example:

    • Nature’s Calendar – Help the Woodland Trust by recording plants, animals and fungi that you see in the woods.
  • The RSPB

    Check out the RSPB’s Fun & Learning page for loads of ideas and resources to help kids and families connect with nature,